gLee season 5 here I come!! 

At the end of the day...: How to be 100% Heterosexual by Quinn Fabray


1. Watch two girls shake their asses with much enthusiasm.


2. Claim you aren’t that interested in lesbian sex.


3. Have a musical fantasy sequence where you are surrounded by scantily clad, dancing girls.


4. Perform a love song with two other girls with plenty of…

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Yesterday was  tragic, as we lost the beloved Cory Monteith also known as Finn Hudson. He will be forever in our hearts, I hope he rests in peace. Furthermore we will not stop believing in him. Don’t stop believing, Cory. <3

-We love you. 

  • Santana: I heard you married Sam.
  • Brittany: Yeah...
  • Santana: Why?
  • Brittany: Because I wanted to.
  • Santana: But why him? Why not—
  • Brittany: You?
  • Santana: ...
  • Brittany: We broke up Santana. I'm dating Sam now, he makes me smile.
  • Santana: Oh.
  • Brittany: He asked me and I said yes. If I had asked you, what would you have said?
  • Santana: No.
  • Brittany: Oh...
  • Santana: I would have said no because I don't want us to get married because the world is ending. I want us to get married for the right reasons.
  • Santana: When we get married it will be because I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Not because the end is near. Because I want a new beginning. With you. Forever.
  • Brittany: You said when.
  • Santana: What?
  • Brittany: You said when we get married. Not if.
  • Santana: ...I guess I did.
  • Brittany: San?
  • Santana: Yeah?
  • Brittany: We're not really married. Me and Sam. It wasn't real.
  • Santana: I'm glad.
  • Brittany: Me too.
  • Brittany: San?
  • Santana: Yeah?
  • Brittany: I love you too.